#14 Baby Fluffies

My Supervisor Today Demands NO interruptions. 

Trying to get some work done, but apparently the feline overlord has other plans. 

Anyone else have a furry coworker who thinks they're the CEO of the WORLD? 

#13 Baby Fluffies

The things Mums have to put up with 🤣😆


1 in 4 Australians admit they can not survive without coffee. And the other 3 is lying.🤣

#11 Dog Eau De parfum

Why does my dog like to roll around dead things?

Ahhh, the joy of going in for a puppy cuddle and being immediately greeted by the stench of dead things...

Apparently, this behaviour is likely a holdover from dog's ancestors. Wolves are known to roll around in smelly stuff to mask their odour on a hunt. 

It's hard to imagine our Poochon (Poodle x Bischon Fries) going on a hunt.  

#10 Digital detox

On my quest to focus better, I came across the idea to do a digital detox. 

While it might be easy to just say I am going to give up "insert tech here" for 30 days. I think a better approach would be to be clear on the role technology and media plays in your life.

For me, just cutting things out didn't really work, but once I was mindful about the what and the why. It was helpful.

For any office workers, not checking your email is probably not a good move. 

#9 Cat speech therapy

🐱 I am pretty sure my cat goes to Cat speech therapy. 

#8 Escape to the country

I can't get enough of "Escape to the Country". 

For those of you who don't know, it's a show where lovely English people get driven around the countryside and look at potential houses to move to. 

The sort of house that Peter Rabbit probably hangs out at. Since I watch so many re-runs, it always makes me think these beautiful homes are so affordable...Because they are prices from 10 years ago.

Honestly though, the avocados on toast are not the reason young people can't afford to buy a home. 

#7 Agent Easter Bunny

This is for all the poor kids who have food allergies. I hope your Easter Bunny is not going to wrap up grapes in foil for you. Happy Easter! 🐰

#6 just keep Swimming

I love Dory's "Just keep swimming!" Mantra It's a great pick-me-up. But what if your strength isn't swimming?

The truth is, everyone is unique. We all have different talents and abilities. It's important to know your strengths and lean into them.

Maybe you're a brilliant strategist, a creative problem-solver, or a really good sponge that absorb knowledge well. Those are all superpowers too! ✨

What's your strength? 

#5 Lucky arm

This one is based on a true story...📖

My 9 year old broke her arm a while back and she was so sad that it wasn't her writing arm! 

#4 Roi the baby

Apparently "Roi" is a real baby's name. 

#3 Archeologist puppy

My work buddy is actually my dog, and it was hard to get much done when he was a puppy. But it must be extra tough when you are an archeologist!

#2 social media hamster wheel

The social media hamster wheel can feel a bit relentless at times. 

I know there are plenty of artists and small business owners that would jump straight onto social media as soon as they wake up. Commenting and liking before they even get out of bed.

I have been thinking a lot about what is the Return On Investment with social? Are these free tools here to help us or are we just free content creators for the social platforms?  And can you build a brand, share your work without the constant running on the social media hamster wheel?

#1 show and tell 

During a power outage recently, I learned that the old school home phone still works. That's because traditional landline telephone has a pair of copper wires connected to it and the phone companies supply power to these wires to keep the phone working. 

I just think that's pretty cool!